About Me

This is CD solution website created for you. This is purely a non-commercial website created to help you know about alloy wheels. My motto is to guide you differentiate alloy wheels & what are the advantages of alloy wheels. The all aspects of alloy wheels in a single websites.

This is a one man army show hoping to help you all. I worked more than 10 years in automobile field. Having domain expertise & experience in this field tries to explain all aspects of alloy wheels which help you to know more about alloy wheels & help you to choose a better one for your vehicle.

I go through many sites but I found that all things are not in one place because all sites are commercial sites. Then I decided to make a unique site that helps people because people choose alloys for one reason i.e. look.

If you think this site is helpful to you, write me some lovely words. I would love your responses. If you have any suggestion please write to me. As you know this is a non-profitable site & if you want more knowledge updates & modification of this site you can help me Donating. If you don’t mind please click here to help.  If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact me .

If you have any query or suggestion please write to me